PCO Specialist’s

Westgate Vehicle hire specialise in PCO hire, ensuring that all PCO vehicle’s on are fleet are up to date and comply with Private Hire Regulations. We will make sure you have met all requirements before you set off to hire any vehicle with us. Let us do the rest while you get ready to go.

Uber Support

There are many things to do in order for you to be on the road to start your journey to make money with Uber. Our expert staff will help you upload all your document’s before you drive away in your Uber ready vehicle.

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More Work, Less Stress

We will make your hire period as least stressful as possible, by taking care of your PCN’S, services, PCO testing and MOT testing allowing you to focus on the road. Westgate hire understand that every penny counts and so we do our best to ensure our drivers have the most competitive prices on the market.

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